Crystal Jewel Cagnassola

Crystal is an Italo-American Spatial and Interior Design student in London. She was born and raised in Italy and attended International Systems of Education in Rome.

Throughout high school she developed an interest for the creative arts, specifically interior design and graphics. To pursue her interests she worked on various movie sets, created sticker designs of her own and constructed architectural models and drawings for her various projects.

After obtaining her International Baccalaureate Diploma, she moved to London to study Interior and Spatial Design at the University of Arts of London. During the first term she began illustrating designs for The Thinking Watermill Society. Progressing through her studies and work, Crystal constantly develops and further pushes her skills and interest for Graphic Design.

Other than working and studying, when possible, Crystal enjoys taking trips around the world to immerse herself in diverse cultures and keep up with the current times (even though most the time she travels to visit her family in her respective homes in Italy and America).